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So I’ve finally decided to get pissed off about this whole Casey Anthony business. Not at her, not even for her not getting convicted of murder. No I’m pissed off at all of you, the people rending their garments, crying out for blood vengeance, sending her hate mail, harassing some random black guy who happens to be named Casey Anthony and running a woman who happened to look like Casey Anthony off the road when the real thing isn’t EVEN OUT OF JAIL YET. Holy shit this is reaching whole new levels of retardation. Massive, insane levels of retardation even. I want to come right out and say it here, I’m pissed at having to defend this woman because this issue should not exist, I’m pissed at defending a convicted criminal that I personally find abhorrent in the name of defending the American justice system and how the process should work, I am pissed at defending this criminal from this lynch mob lemming mentality we as a country seem to have developed. Buckle your seat belts because I’m doing a full vent on my spleen for this one.

Personally I blame this bitch:

This is not the face of someone you should be listening to... for anything

for the entire fucktarded situation. Yes, Nancy freakin Grace, jesus christ if there is one person earth who desperately needs to shut the fuck up it’s this chick, her entire show is her offering unqualified, reactionary, legal opinions to a global/nationwide audience, it’s sensationalist crime media at it’s fucking worst. People are treating the potential murder of a child like some unimaginable Hitler scale crime that almost never happens when in reality according to FBI  634 children ages 12 or under were murdered in 2009 (most recent fully compiled Uniform Crime Report, I’d guess the number will be similar for 2010) many of those were most likely brutal. The only reason this one is getting ANY attention at all is it happens to be the one Nancy Grace got her hooks in to and decided to sensationalize.So what happened? Suddenly a case that wasn’t a big case, now has a media circus attached to it, now there’s a SHIT TON of pressure from the community to get this case to trial now, the people demand justice goddamnit! So that probably fucked the prosecution on more then a few levels assuming they weren’t incompetent to begin with (and I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt) because now their under massive scrutiny and in a hurry. Have you ever heard of a situation where massive scrutiny of your every move and a “GET THIS DONE FUCKING YESTERDAY” has ever produced the best possible work that a group could provide? In any situation? Of course you fucking haven’t because any one with common sense knows that shit doesn’t work like that.

It gets better though because thanks to Nancy Grace and those like her talking out their collective asses, this woman has now effectively been crucified in the media and in the eyes of the public, which is why people are all “OMFG how could she have gotten off! this is so upsetting to me and she’s an evil, evil bad person!” and sending harassing emails to any one they can find on facebook with the name Casey Anthony like this guy who probably looks the least like a petite white woman as any one I’ve ever seen, or in one case attacking this woman because she looked vaguely like Anthony, following her and ramming her with her vehicle, never mind the real Casey Anthony was in Florida and in prison while the attack was taking place in Oklahoma.

Why the FUCK is everyone so upset? Because the justice system in our country DID IT’S GODDAMN JOB! that’s why everyone’s got their knickers in a twist, literally looking to kill this woman! Anthony was convicted of all the crimes she was charged with EXCEPT murder. So she’s a horrible, negligent parent, she lied to police and she’s taking the punishment for those things, albeit most of it’s going down for the two years plus years of jail time she already served. Because in a court of law it doesn’t matter what you believe it matters what you can prove and thank whatever fucking deity you believe in for that.

Last time you could just kill or imprison people because “well I think that person is  guilty!” we were doing things like having witch trials, it happens all the time in lovely countries like Iran and North Korea but I’d bet you significant amounts of money you wouldn’t like living there. She was shown to be not guilty of the crime of murder in the first degree in a court of law, meanwhile the court of public opinion is stringing her up for a noose because in the end the general public is a bunch of blithering morons who will believe whatever is shoved in front of them by Fox News or CNN. The reality is the prosecution didn’t have a case for MURDER. There was no form of evidence at all no matter what Bill O’Reilly or Nancy Grace says and yet the lemmings are fucking out for goddamn blood.

If you have to ask, the lemming questioning the cliff dive isn't you

You might be disgusted by her actions, I certainly am despite the 700 odd words I’ve just written down in what to some of you will sound like defending her to this point, thirty days with out reporting her daughter’s disappearence? lying to police about what was a tragic accident so far as can be proved in a court of law? Neglect of her child? These are disgusting acts, but the acts of you my fellow citizens measuring this woman up for the noose and calling her a murderer, sending all sorts of threats to any one vaguely connected to the case, probably to the jury members who acquited her as well as Anthony and her lawyers that behavior disgusts me a whole lot more, the lynch mob, the justice of “I’m an asshole with an opinion and minimal to no knowledge of what’s actually going on besides what I find out on twitter or from my biased, ratings hungry news source of choice.”

I have a message for you, FUCK YOU, you people are what’s wrong with this country, reactionists with minimal information drooling like Pavlov’s dog at the ring of a bell whipping in to a fervor about Barack Obama being a secret Muslim and not releasing his birth certificate when he totally did, and then had to again because you’re all morons and give Donald Trump credibility, freaking out over a community center being built nine city blocks from ground zero by the types of Muslims who DON’T blow things up (which shockingly is most of them), thinking 2012 is something we all need to be pissing ourselves over fucking yesterday because we’re all gonna die because a bunch of dead guys didn’t make their calender over 1200 years past their civilization’s demise in 800 C.E. because that makes sense doesn’t it?

However lynch mob I have to congratulate you, because you won, in your little lemming way. You have achieved victory, many Americans actually are convinced we’re all gonna die next year, People STILL think Obama is a Muslim Kenyan Space Alien after our precious fluids or something like that, the so called “9/11 Mosque” is a massive “holy fuck write your senator and come to our massive protest” issue in New York City instead of… oh there’s a new community center (which is what the Mosque in question actually is…) going up in that neighborhood vaguely near Ground Zero. Common sense, and reality have lost, we now exist completely in the spin zone, not just of Fox News but of all news services, where any twist-able issue can have a couple buzzwords stamped to it and represented in whatever manner and that might as well be reality.

 Your great victory though is that even with the jury returning a verdict of not guilty, the evidence for a conviction of murder being found to be incomplete, insubstantial and just plain weak, the court’s justice dispensed on the guilty (of the crimes she was convicted for) your victory is you’ve sentenced her any way. To a lifetime of torment, every where she goes your whispers will haunt her footsteps, dogging her till the day she dies. If she want to even pretend to have a normal life she’s basically going to have to enter a self created witness protection program, change her name, her appearance, the car she drives, everything must go, and even then, sooner or later one of your horde of lemmingdom will find out and she’ll have to start the process all over again.

You don’t have to sentence her to a life in prison or even the death sentence, you the lemmings have sentenced her to a life in exile, permanently outcast and destroyed, hounded and hunted no matter where she tries to escape to. If that doesn’t sound like life in prison, a life of punishment, even a death on some level I don’t know what does.

The sad part? Some of you are probably pleased as hell by that and are going to do everything in your power to hunt this woman, track her down where ever she tries to run from your onslaught, where ever she tries to hide you’ll be there to ferret her out and destroy whatever life she tries to build. Those of you who are pleased will probably call that justice.  I’m going to got take a shower after publishing this, having to defend someone like that, from a group of people like that… I honestly can’t  tell which one makes me feel slimier to have to deal with or discuss, the convict or the lemmings. I can’t tell which part of the situation I’m more disgusted with. Either way, it’s just pathetic.

I’m going to take a shower immediately after I finish publishing this blog post, I honestly can’t tell which side of this I’m more disgusted by, the potential incompetence of the prosecution, the nature and situation of Ms. Anthony’s crimes and the events leading up to them (murder rap or no, it’s heinous), the spittle of the likes of Nancy Grace, Bill O’Reilly and every other alleged “reporter” out there trying to rake in the highest ratings they can… or the lemmings that make it all possible.

P.S. I’d like to take a minute to thank Geraldo Rivera (and I can’t believe I’m typing this) for being the only honest newsman in the entire freaking country, he defends the courts, and the justice system in this country and his reward is to be shat on and attacked by his own coworkers, men and women he’s worked with for years, as well as the wrath of the lemming storm.