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I confess, I can be a seriously nostalgic individual, we all get that way to some extent through the various phases in our lives, and I think your twenties is a common/flexible time in which a nostalgic period can occur. You’ve just left your childhood behind, some of us are moving on to adulthood others will remain behind a bit longer. As life gets serious you long for the more carefree days of childhood and the stuff that made it cool.

I hit that nostalgia point starting a couple months back and was longing mostly for the old video games that defined my childhood, as an added bonus is those games were a lot better at least through hindsight then  most of the games I’ve played recently. So I decided to use some of that adult money I have now and get the games I used to love. My original plan was to get a Nintendo 64 and the collection of games I wanted.

As I was shopping around on Amazon I figured out that I could get the Legend of Zelda games (Orcarina of Time and Majora’s Mask of course) on GameCube and I could get a GameCube with all the stuff I would want for it would only cost me $12-18 as opposed to $40 or so I believe for an N64 with out some of the stuff I’d need to be able to play.  The games would still be expensive but the newer system would probably better/easier to use over all.  I found a copy of the Legend of Zelda promo disk that Nintendo put out, it was a short run and printed only for a promotion of a special game cube I believe so I expected to pay some cash for that, and was not let down. $40 for that particular disk. I was also a huge fan of the Rogue Squadron games as a kid and got both of those for about $5 apiece, rounding out the initial purchase with Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess for around $20. All told about $120 with shipping, the price of two new Xbox games, not bad at all.

Round two had me seeking out pretty much the last of the games from that area I really “had” to have, past these it would have been no big deal if I acquired no more game cube games. Little did I know that these two games which I spent insane amounts of time on now cost a fortune. The first “Skies of Arcadia: Legends” which introduced me to Air Piracy as a potential profession and was one of the first JRPGs I ever played, then Tales of Symphonia which was the LAST JRPG I ever played through outside of a handheld for a grand total of two. Skies cost me about $49 for a good copy with the case and everything and Tales cost me about $25, apparently both games were rather limited printings and are now rather rare. Total cost for nostalgia: $200 roughly. (three new Xbox 360/PS3 games)

Back to the games, I just can’t get in to JRPGs like some people can, one did come up recently that I would have given a shot but it was a PS3 exclusive and I’m spacing the title at the moment. (Edit: it was Valkyria Chronicles) Just to ward of the haters, yes I have played several Final Fantasy games, I didn’t like them terribly much. If I want to watch a movie I will, if I want to play a game I want to play a GAME. However Skies of Arcadia: Legends and Tales of Symphonia had rich entertaining characters and fun story lines that I wanted to keep playing, the combat didn’t feel as grinding as it did in other JRPGs because I truly was in to and enjoying the story.

I could honestly make this love letter to these two games go on for a looooong time so I will get some criticism out of the way so I can pretend this is actually a review. Both games are trope heavy as hell, the standard party make up, elemental temples, magical girl with the power to save the world, all of that and more is there in both games but goddamnit they execute it so well I can’t help but not care that it’s been done in literally every JRPG ever made for the most part.  See? I can’t even criticize these games, I’m going to quit before I become even more of a fanboy.


Edit: At the risk of continuing to sound like an incredible fan boy, which being honest with myself I am, someone just told me there’s a Tales of Symphonia OVA must acquire NOW!


So it’s not secret I am a massive fanboy for the hopefully soon to be released video game Six Days in Fallujah. I’ve brought it up in a couple posts previously and it’s going to feature yet again in a post will be coming up shortly on this blog space focusing on story and history based/modern first person shooters. So while it was on my brain I clicked over to Atomic’s webpage ( to see if they had an update and noticed they had a contact page. While there was no update on their main page I did send them the below email and received a very fast response from Peter Tamte the president of Atomic Games.

Email Chain: (portions redacted for privacy, etc)


Subj: Not a journalist, just a Marine

To the staff of Atomic Games,
You guys really didn’t have a “fan mail” or “general contact” email
listed on your web site so I guess I’ll just use the press contact email.
I want to take a minute to thank you for all of your work on 6 Days in
Fallujah, I hope that project finishes, I hope a publisher finds the
same kind of bravery you did in taking on this project.
It’s not pretty, it’s brutal and real, I have no doubt of that, the
Marines working with you on the project wouldn’t settle for anything
less. That reality is what would have made any number of
devs not take on this project, a story this powerful, this intense, this
real is an amazing challenge to tell. Thank you for taking that
challenge. I can only hope that this story gets to be told
and that this game does release sometime in the future, I’ll be first in
line with a lot of other Marines when it does.
Thank you again and Semper Fidelis,
The Response:
Frm: Tamte, Peter
Re: Not a journalist, just a Marine
Thank you for your very kind email.
It is the support of Marines like you that keeps us going. We greatly appreciate your kind words, and we also really appreciate your service to our nation. We truly hope that we will have the opportunity to let people all around the world experience for themselves the remarkable stories of this generation of Marines.
Semper Fi,
Ok I was always a fanboy for this game, but I’m so far in their camp now it’s not even funny. Any company that cares enough about the subject of their game (Marines) that their president takes time out of a busy schedule and replies some random guy who just sent a “keep going guys!” email wins definite awesome points in my book. I mean I expected a response, but a boiler plate from a secretary. Jesus I’m so lame at thinking this is so awesome.

Some interviews with Mr. Tamte and his crew regarding Six Days in Fallujah just so this post isn’t all me being lame:

If you are in any way shape or form connected to the internet and gaming chances are you’ve heard about the tidal wave sensation of minecraft, with over a million sales before it even became a finished game (it still isn’t, Minecraft just entered beta phase on the 20th of December) for those of you who haven’t heard of the game the concept is simple, monsters want to kill you, do your absolute best to avoid that. Also if you punch trees you get lumber.

That sounds more like I’m joking or being silly but that’s actually a fairly good approximation of Minecraft’s Survival mode concept, you are left at dawn on a desolate stretch of beach with no tools or knowledge except that the sun is going down and you will quickly find out that being outside of a well lit, fortified area is a bad place to be at night. The games enemies, refered to as “mobs” range from giant spiders and zombies to the infamous, exploding creepers.  Another game concept put in it’s short form is that breaking blocks gives you resources, resources can either be placed (to build a shelter from those mobs for example) or be crafted in to variety of useful tools and items to let you continue to survive and create. The creating part is the real draw of Minecraft, you can build just about anything you could possibly want to in the game the only limitation in survival mode being you have to acquire all the resources required to build the structures (kind of like digging through all your lego bins as a kid to find that ONE missing piece except it’s all the pieces) and you have to fend off the various mobs that want to make you in to a player sandwich.

That isn’t to say you can’t build all you want inside the survival mode, it certainly hasn’t managed to stop me any with my construction of what I like to think of as my doom fortress and all it’s surrounding bunkers and out buildings.







You can’t really see all the out buildings and this is well before a massive series of modifications and renovations that basically have my fortress taking up that entire cliff face and turned that beach in to a wonderful stone courtyard complete with massive steps, not to mention the giant mineshaft under the fortress proper. It does give you the general idea though that if you can think it, you can build it… or at least a slightly blockier version of it. This takes us over to the creative mode where you have unlimited blocks and can build whatever you please with out worrying about creepers blowing up in your face. Some people in specialize in building so called “Mega Objects” which range from massive fortresses, to a blockier version of the ENTIRE game world from the first legend of zelda game, to a 1:1 scale model of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D, think I’m bullshitting? Here’s the youtube proof

Incomplete framework:


Fairly Complete:


That’s just one of many massive objects and construction projects, other people are building entire cities! The game is designed for the individual so the question isn’t so much what did they build? but what will you build?

Outside of that this is a review so criticism is warranted but the game is in Beta (I’ve been playing since the Alpha) so it’s really hard to critique it for lack of plot or some kind of end game, some occasional bugs or glitching issues and so forth. The staff (all like three of them) do an excellent job of supporting the game but the thing to remember is this is an ongoing work in progress and it’s still one of the most enjoyable games I’ve ever played.

Get in the game at:

Excellent Minecraft let’s play from the awesome X