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Wow… I lack words that don’t involve swearing for this whole Soulja boy incident bullshit. First off that piece of shit wanna be rapper needs to have his ass beat by some real goddamn rappers. 98% of the time I freaking hate rap and hip hop, just not my thing. Some of the more emotive stuff I can get in to but gangsta rap? fuck is that shit any way. Doesn’t matter though, the real talk here is the bullshit about this walking feces that things it’s human trying to come out and talk trash like he’s hard. Come get some bitch, come get some. Biggest crew in America right here, 3 million + strong and we all have each other’s back when it comes to shit like this. We might give each other crap, interunit, interservice, crap doesn’t matter when it comes down to it, we’re all brothers first and foremost. Come at us bitch.

The REAL shit that pisses me off about this whole situation isn’t this bitch trying to stir up some controversy and tell us to fuck off. It’s the pieces of grabastic shit trying to DEFEND this little bitch. Then turning around and hating on us because I guess it’s cool or something.

Calling us baby killers and all sorts of crazy bullshit that is obviously recycled from the fucking 1970s goddamn flower child nonsense. Blaming US for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan like we have something to do with it, like we can effect where we go, when we go and why we go. Don’t hate the troops for that fucking nonsense, we don’t cut ourselves orders to go off to war, we don’t want to leave our families to go in to a war zone when we might not come back. We stand up and say we will. When the United States says “Who will go for us?” we are the ones who stand up and respond “Send me, I’ll go”. Instead of cowering behind a computer screen, and talking trash with the group think, blending in with the bullshit crowd when you damn well know not a single one of you bitches could look a Marine, a soldier, a sailor or airman in the face and say ANY of that crap on your own, or when your ass isn’t in front of a computer screen, we believe in something, we take a stand for something.

In the end it’s the officals you elect, the people you put in to office that send us, republicans and democrats, Bush and Obama. It’s not us, not our generals, not our officers, not our SNCOs or NCOs and it’s not us junior enlisted either. We are a miltary under civilian control, it is you who sends us. YOU, not us, not our choice, we’re just willing to go when the call comes.

So go ahead, talk your trash. I challenge you, an open invitation to come to me, or ANY man or woman who’s on active duty right now or a veteran and say the same thing to their face, I challenge you to have the balls to talk your trash in person. Then I want you to go home, having proved you’re at least man enough to do that and remember that in the end you just insulted and talked trash to a man or woman who would, with out even knowing your name, die for you. That you’re spitting on the graves of over four thousand men and women who have died for you this past decade. So when you’re done talking your trash? Say thank you and go the fuck on your way.

I ain’t linking the video because fuck getting that little bitch get more views, but here’s a dis track from a military rap group currently in Afghan and a action figure calling Soulja Boy’s bitch ass out.

To inquire about talking trash to the blog owners face, please respond below or send a PM to this account and you’ll be contacted. If you’d really like to prove your hard and try to start a fight, the blog owner would be happy to beat the shit out of you provided you sign a liability waiver, and are ok being filmed having your ass kicked like a soccer ball at the world cup. Semper Fi and go fuck yourselves.


Memorial Day, if you’re like most Americans it’s time for a BBQ, maybe a parade, big events with your family, if you’re like me you still have to go work… and you spend the day thinking. Remembering friends you’ve had, and even individuals you’ve never known who were your brothers and sisters all the same. I feel like we’ve lost some of what Memorial Day means “woo three day weekend!” instead of the memory of those who’ve fallen. I’m not against a BBQ (probably gonna grill myself) but take a moment and reflect on the lives that have been sacrificed, willingly for us all to be where we are today and to have the freedoms we have today.

I usually turn and reflect on my experience with the Marine Corps funeral detail at my last duty station, scenic Yuma, Arizona. In the time from when I volunteered on I participated in over 20 military funerals, mostly for older veterans but for some men who fell on active duty as well. Standing in the rifle detail, firing three shots over the grave, watching those shots impact on the family, hearing each “crack” of the seven rifles as if it was a blow to the heart, and feeling that blow in my own heart. Or the few times I had the pleasure of playing taps, including an event for a young SSgt, recently discharged who after making it through everything he’d seen, had been struck down by cancer, seeing the destruction of his family, the tears streaming down as I played taps, and feeling a tear running down my own cheek, past all the bearing and discipline I could muster. The sorrow and heartbreak of the death of one of our warriors is a living wound, the price is payed in lives and for every Marine, soldier, sailor or airman lost the lives around them are shattered as well, their families and friends and their brothers in arms.

So take a moment and remember then men and women who’ve fought and died under the flag, fought and died under the colors. Remembering and honoring their memory is the least we can do for all they’ve sacrificed to give us.