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The Marine Corps like any other culture has it’s own language, diction and in certain areas and MOS’s accents.  So to provide those unfamiliar with military terminology or Marine Corps words that pop up in this blog from time to time, I’ve decided to add a quick and handy guide:

Oohrah – A jack of all phrase response it can be moto, sarcastic or vengeful all depending on how loud it is, your tone and what your saying it to. Want to start a bar fight in a bar with a bunch of Marines? Ask really loudly what the origin of the term is.

Hatch – Door

Deck – Floor

SNCO – Staff Non-Commissioned Officer, important enlisted guy

Sergeant Major – The top enlisted Marine for a given unit, do not fuck with

Captain, The 3rd rank of officer, the start of middle management

Captain, Naval – A very important officer equivalent to a full bird Colonel

Colonel aka Full Bird: 6th rank of officer, right below a general VERY important people

Lieutenant Colonel aka Half Colonel: 5th rank of officer, also very important my CO is one of these

CO – Commanding Officer, the top Marine for the whole unit

XO – Executive Officer, the second in command

OIC – Officer in Charge, the officer in charge of a given subsection of a unit

SNCOIC – SNCO in Charge, the head SNCO for a given section

PFT – Physical Fitness Test, an annual test comprised of a 3 mile run, pullups and timed crunches

CFT – Combat Fitness Test. the other annual fitness test composed of a bunch of non-fun stuff

MCMAP aka Semper Fu – The Marine Corps hand to hand combat training program

PMO – Provost Martial’s Office also known as the MPs or Military Police.

The Field – going on deployment or going out on a training that requires you live in the dirt like your deployed for awhile. Usually characterized by a complete lack of contact with the outside world and very shitty food.

MREs – Meals Read to Eat thought by most Marines to be the secret by product of making ceramic tank armor. Tank armor would probably taste better though.

Hadji – Slang for any Arabic combatant or not, actually a bit of a compliment as it refers to the Muslim “Hadj” or pilgrimage to Mecca that each faithful muslim must make once in his or her lifetime. Term came about because most of the bad guys we’re fighting have completed their hadj

Motard – Someone who is entirely too motivated about the Marine Corps and being a Marine in general motards are shunned as social outcasts until they come to their senses.

The Wing: Any unit that’s part of or connected to the Marine Corps Air Wing, considered to have a better lifestyle and been more relaxed then the ground side.

MOS – Military Occupational Specialty also called whatever job you do for the Military

CONUS – The Continental United States

Civvy – A Civilian (aka most of you reading this blog)

REMF – Rear Echelon Mother Fucker

96 – A 96 hour pass aka a 4 day weekend

72 – A 3 day weekend

The World – Any where outside of Marine Corps influence or control, usually used to refer to the CONUS while on deployment


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