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Wow… I lack words that don’t involve swearing for this whole Soulja boy incident bullshit. First off that piece of shit wanna be rapper needs to have his ass beat by some real goddamn rappers. 98% of the time I freaking hate rap and hip hop, just not my thing. Some of the more emotive stuff I can get in to but gangsta rap? fuck is that shit any way. Doesn’t matter though, the real talk here is the bullshit about this walking feces that things it’s human trying to come out and talk trash like he’s hard. Come get some bitch, come get some. Biggest crew in America right here, 3 million + strong and we all have each other’s back when it comes to shit like this. We might give each other crap, interunit, interservice, crap doesn’t matter when it comes down to it, we’re all brothers first and foremost. Come at us bitch.

The REAL shit that pisses me off about this whole situation isn’t this bitch trying to stir up some controversy and tell us to fuck off. It’s the pieces of grabastic shit trying to DEFEND this little bitch. Then turning around and hating on us because I guess it’s cool or something.

Calling us baby killers and all sorts of crazy bullshit that is obviously recycled from the fucking 1970s goddamn flower child nonsense. Blaming US for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan like we have something to do with it, like we can effect where we go, when we go and why we go. Don’t hate the troops for that fucking nonsense, we don’t cut ourselves orders to go off to war, we don’t want to leave our families to go in to a war zone when we might not come back. We stand up and say we will. When the United States says “Who will go for us?” we are the ones who stand up and respond “Send me, I’ll go”. Instead of cowering behind a computer screen, and talking trash with the group think, blending in with the bullshit crowd when you damn well know not a single one of you bitches could look a Marine, a soldier, a sailor or airman in the face and say ANY of that crap on your own, or when your ass isn’t in front of a computer screen, we believe in something, we take a stand for something.

In the end it’s the officals you elect, the people you put in to office that send us, republicans and democrats, Bush and Obama. It’s not us, not our generals, not our officers, not our SNCOs or NCOs and it’s not us junior enlisted either. We are a miltary under civilian control, it is you who sends us. YOU, not us, not our choice, we’re just willing to go when the call comes.

So go ahead, talk your trash. I challenge you, an open invitation to come to me, or ANY man or woman who’s on active duty right now or a veteran and say the same thing to their face, I challenge you to have the balls to talk your trash in person. Then I want you to go home, having proved you’re at least man enough to do that and remember that in the end you just insulted and talked trash to a man or woman who would, with out even knowing your name, die for you. That you’re spitting on the graves of over four thousand men and women who have died for you this past decade. So when you’re done talking your trash? Say thank you and go the fuck on your way.

I ain’t linking the video because fuck getting that little bitch get more views, but here’s a dis track from a military rap group currently in Afghan and a action figure calling Soulja Boy’s bitch ass out.

To inquire about talking trash to the blog owners face, please respond below or send a PM to this account and you’ll be contacted. If you’d really like to prove your hard and try to start a fight, the blog owner would be happy to beat the shit out of you provided you sign a liability waiver, and are ok being filmed having your ass kicked like a soccer ball at the world cup. Semper Fi and go fuck yourselves.


So I’ve finally decided to get pissed off about this whole Casey Anthony business. Not at her, not even for her not getting convicted of murder. No I’m pissed off at all of you, the people rending their garments, crying out for blood vengeance, sending her hate mail, harassing some random black guy who happens to be named Casey Anthony and running a woman who happened to look like Casey Anthony off the road when the real thing isn’t EVEN OUT OF JAIL YET. Holy shit this is reaching whole new levels of retardation. Massive, insane levels of retardation even. I want to come right out and say it here, I’m pissed at having to defend this woman because this issue should not exist, I’m pissed at defending a convicted criminal that I personally find abhorrent in the name of defending the American justice system and how the process should work, I am pissed at defending this criminal from this lynch mob lemming mentality we as a country seem to have developed. Buckle your seat belts because I’m doing a full vent on my spleen for this one.

Personally I blame this bitch:

This is not the face of someone you should be listening to... for anything

for the entire fucktarded situation. Yes, Nancy freakin Grace, jesus christ if there is one person earth who desperately needs to shut the fuck up it’s this chick, her entire show is her offering unqualified, reactionary, legal opinions to a global/nationwide audience, it’s sensationalist crime media at it’s fucking worst. People are treating the potential murder of a child like some unimaginable Hitler scale crime that almost never happens when in reality according to FBI  634 children ages 12 or under were murdered in 2009 (most recent fully compiled Uniform Crime Report, I’d guess the number will be similar for 2010) many of those were most likely brutal. The only reason this one is getting ANY attention at all is it happens to be the one Nancy Grace got her hooks in to and decided to sensationalize.So what happened? Suddenly a case that wasn’t a big case, now has a media circus attached to it, now there’s a SHIT TON of pressure from the community to get this case to trial now, the people demand justice goddamnit! So that probably fucked the prosecution on more then a few levels assuming they weren’t incompetent to begin with (and I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt) because now their under massive scrutiny and in a hurry. Have you ever heard of a situation where massive scrutiny of your every move and a “GET THIS DONE FUCKING YESTERDAY” has ever produced the best possible work that a group could provide? In any situation? Of course you fucking haven’t because any one with common sense knows that shit doesn’t work like that.

It gets better though because thanks to Nancy Grace and those like her talking out their collective asses, this woman has now effectively been crucified in the media and in the eyes of the public, which is why people are all “OMFG how could she have gotten off! this is so upsetting to me and she’s an evil, evil bad person!” and sending harassing emails to any one they can find on facebook with the name Casey Anthony like this guy who probably looks the least like a petite white woman as any one I’ve ever seen, or in one case attacking this woman because she looked vaguely like Anthony, following her and ramming her with her vehicle, never mind the real Casey Anthony was in Florida and in prison while the attack was taking place in Oklahoma.

Why the FUCK is everyone so upset? Because the justice system in our country DID IT’S GODDAMN JOB! that’s why everyone’s got their knickers in a twist, literally looking to kill this woman! Anthony was convicted of all the crimes she was charged with EXCEPT murder. So she’s a horrible, negligent parent, she lied to police and she’s taking the punishment for those things, albeit most of it’s going down for the two years plus years of jail time she already served. Because in a court of law it doesn’t matter what you believe it matters what you can prove and thank whatever fucking deity you believe in for that.

Last time you could just kill or imprison people because “well I think that person is  guilty!” we were doing things like having witch trials, it happens all the time in lovely countries like Iran and North Korea but I’d bet you significant amounts of money you wouldn’t like living there. She was shown to be not guilty of the crime of murder in the first degree in a court of law, meanwhile the court of public opinion is stringing her up for a noose because in the end the general public is a bunch of blithering morons who will believe whatever is shoved in front of them by Fox News or CNN. The reality is the prosecution didn’t have a case for MURDER. There was no form of evidence at all no matter what Bill O’Reilly or Nancy Grace says and yet the lemmings are fucking out for goddamn blood.

If you have to ask, the lemming questioning the cliff dive isn't you

You might be disgusted by her actions, I certainly am despite the 700 odd words I’ve just written down in what to some of you will sound like defending her to this point, thirty days with out reporting her daughter’s disappearence? lying to police about what was a tragic accident so far as can be proved in a court of law? Neglect of her child? These are disgusting acts, but the acts of you my fellow citizens measuring this woman up for the noose and calling her a murderer, sending all sorts of threats to any one vaguely connected to the case, probably to the jury members who acquited her as well as Anthony and her lawyers that behavior disgusts me a whole lot more, the lynch mob, the justice of “I’m an asshole with an opinion and minimal to no knowledge of what’s actually going on besides what I find out on twitter or from my biased, ratings hungry news source of choice.”

I have a message for you, FUCK YOU, you people are what’s wrong with this country, reactionists with minimal information drooling like Pavlov’s dog at the ring of a bell whipping in to a fervor about Barack Obama being a secret Muslim and not releasing his birth certificate when he totally did, and then had to again because you’re all morons and give Donald Trump credibility, freaking out over a community center being built nine city blocks from ground zero by the types of Muslims who DON’T blow things up (which shockingly is most of them), thinking 2012 is something we all need to be pissing ourselves over fucking yesterday because we’re all gonna die because a bunch of dead guys didn’t make their calender over 1200 years past their civilization’s demise in 800 C.E. because that makes sense doesn’t it?

However lynch mob I have to congratulate you, because you won, in your little lemming way. You have achieved victory, many Americans actually are convinced we’re all gonna die next year, People STILL think Obama is a Muslim Kenyan Space Alien after our precious fluids or something like that, the so called “9/11 Mosque” is a massive “holy fuck write your senator and come to our massive protest” issue in New York City instead of… oh there’s a new community center (which is what the Mosque in question actually is…) going up in that neighborhood vaguely near Ground Zero. Common sense, and reality have lost, we now exist completely in the spin zone, not just of Fox News but of all news services, where any twist-able issue can have a couple buzzwords stamped to it and represented in whatever manner and that might as well be reality.

 Your great victory though is that even with the jury returning a verdict of not guilty, the evidence for a conviction of murder being found to be incomplete, insubstantial and just plain weak, the court’s justice dispensed on the guilty (of the crimes she was convicted for) your victory is you’ve sentenced her any way. To a lifetime of torment, every where she goes your whispers will haunt her footsteps, dogging her till the day she dies. If she want to even pretend to have a normal life she’s basically going to have to enter a self created witness protection program, change her name, her appearance, the car she drives, everything must go, and even then, sooner or later one of your horde of lemmingdom will find out and she’ll have to start the process all over again.

You don’t have to sentence her to a life in prison or even the death sentence, you the lemmings have sentenced her to a life in exile, permanently outcast and destroyed, hounded and hunted no matter where she tries to escape to. If that doesn’t sound like life in prison, a life of punishment, even a death on some level I don’t know what does.

The sad part? Some of you are probably pleased as hell by that and are going to do everything in your power to hunt this woman, track her down where ever she tries to run from your onslaught, where ever she tries to hide you’ll be there to ferret her out and destroy whatever life she tries to build. Those of you who are pleased will probably call that justice.  I’m going to got take a shower after publishing this, having to defend someone like that, from a group of people like that… I honestly can’t  tell which one makes me feel slimier to have to deal with or discuss, the convict or the lemmings. I can’t tell which part of the situation I’m more disgusted with. Either way, it’s just pathetic.

I’m going to take a shower immediately after I finish publishing this blog post, I honestly can’t tell which side of this I’m more disgusted by, the potential incompetence of the prosecution, the nature and situation of Ms. Anthony’s crimes and the events leading up to them (murder rap or no, it’s heinous), the spittle of the likes of Nancy Grace, Bill O’Reilly and every other alleged “reporter” out there trying to rake in the highest ratings they can… or the lemmings that make it all possible.

P.S. I’d like to take a minute to thank Geraldo Rivera (and I can’t believe I’m typing this) for being the only honest newsman in the entire freaking country, he defends the courts, and the justice system in this country and his reward is to be shat on and attacked by his own coworkers, men and women he’s worked with for years, as well as the wrath of the lemming storm.

The 4th of July is awesome, almost as awesome is the fact that playing with small charges of explosives is highly encouraged for everyone to do today, since I’m a fan of big booms and cool effects, instead of telling you about wusstastic black cats and bottle rockets or the slightly cooler M-80 I’m going to provide a recipe for thermite, how to mix it, and what you decide to do with it from there is A. your problem not mine and B. something I’m not liable for in the slightest. So let’s begin.

From Wikipedia:

Thermite is a pyrotechnic composition of a metal powder and a metal oxide, which produces an aluminothermic reaction known as a thermite reaction. It is not explosive, but can create short bursts of extremely high temperatures focused on a very small area for a short period of time.

Translation: this shit gets psychotically hot and makes serious amounts of fire, the military uses thermite to destroy things like artillery pieces and sensitive stuff to prevent it’s capture in the event of over run, the blackhawk that went down during the battle of mogadishu (Blackhawk Down for those missing the obvious) was destroyed by thermite charges to prevent capture of senstive avionics and comm equipment. So what does this mean to you? One you can have some fun with this stuff, two this stuff can ruin your shit in a burning and painful manner so don’t fuck around. Also depending on what and where you do it playing with this shit can be as illegal as hell so make sure you check local laws before doing anything.

Obtaining the Aluminum
1) Go to a machine shop. They will usually give you aluminum powder for sweeping the floor or something.
2) Break open an Etch-A-Sketch, the stuff inside is pure aluminum powder.
3) Go to a paint store, they usually have powdered aluminum that people use to mix into paints to give it pigment.
4) Get a grinder, and something made of aluminum. Good ideas are soda cans, bike frames, and lacrosse sticks. Start grinding the aluminum and collect the sparks in a container.
5) Search eBay, they sell it for pretty cheap.

Obtaining the Iron Oxide (Rust)
1) Take some steel wool then put it in a jar and then cover it wool with water. Use a magnet to make sure the steel wool doesnt float during the reaction process. Next, put in 5 tablespoons of regular bleach into the water and 5 tablespoons of regular vinager. Wait a day or so and then filter the brown paste with a coffee filter. Leave it out to dry overnight.
2) Go to a paint store, they usually have powdered iron oxide that people use to mix into paints to give it pigment.
3) Connect wires to a direct current (9-volt battery), strip both ends and put them into a saltwater solution. Let them sit for five minutes. One of them will start bubbling more than the other. This is the POSITIVE(+) wire. Put a nail tied to the positive wire into the jar. Now put the negative wire in the other end. Now let it sit overnight and in the morning scrape the rust off of the nail & repeat until you have a bunch of rust on the bottom of the glass. Let it dry out, and crush it into a powder.
4) Search eBay, they sell it for pretty cheap.

Mixing the Stuff
Thermite is 8 grams of iron oxide to 3 grams of aluminum. The formula is by weight but because aluminum is very light, it will appear to be approximately a 50-50 mix. Put them together in a container and mix them until it is an even mixture. If you want, mix four parts thermite with one part clay or Play-Doh and knead thoroughly for moldable thermite.

Thermite needs a lot of heat to light, that means magnesium. Find some magnesium ribbon, or a sparkler that contains magnesium and put it into a pile of thermite. Light it with a torch, and run! (run fast bitch, very, very fast)

I don’t know about you but this stuff certainly sounds like fun I highly reccomend your goddamn careful though. Chances are this would be a good time with a junker car you want to trash preferably on a concrete pad somewhere  on your property. Shooting at said car and getting legal explosives would also be a good time for said vehicle, if all that’s fun then of course a traditional sledge hammer is always entertaining too.

Warning: I don’t reccomend you doing stupid shit. If your going to play with fire, legal explosives and guns do it in a safe manner. I am not liable for you and whatever the hell happens if you decide to go play with thermite or any of the other stuff I may put up on the site. In short if you know your a moron, stop reading this and go ducktape your hands together.

Also happy birthday to my fajah who decided today was an extremely motivated and patriotic day to be born.

Quote of the post:
“Any red-blooded, flag-fearing American would love the M-320.
Celebrate the independence of your nation by blowing up a small
part of it.”

This week’s blog post is actually being hosted by the nice people over at The Game Agent Non-blog (which is totally a blog, don’t let them deceive you!)

Well it looks like it’s happening ladies and germs the United States government has all bur officially told the members of the United States Armed Forces to bite it for the next little bit of time. Men and women literally in the line of fire. Not paying them and yet expecting them to come to work. Now I’m not going to discuss a the politics of the shutdown but I can certainly condemn them for failing to push through a set up to ensure the Armed Forces will continue to be payed. That is a failure of the civilian government to take care of our all volunteer force of troops. Now we’ve gotten shut down before, but not with 100,000+ troops deployed in to combat zones. This type of critical failure could endanger troops in the fight as well as families on the home front.

Some one online joked that veterans and troops should protest in some format. It reminded me of another protest by veterans during the great depression. After the 1st World War a bill was passed in congress to pay all members of the American Expeditionary Force a bonus to be payed in 1945. This bill was passed in 1924.This was all fine and dandy right up until the depression hit in 1929. A lot of veterans were out of work in a hurry. In 1932, Walter W. Waters and other out of work veterans assembled the Bonus Expeditionary Force or “Bonus March” as it was termed by the papers assembled in Washington and marched on the capital, when congress resisted the Veterans and their families began camping out on the Anacostia flats. They soon numbered over 43,000 people, 17,000 veterans their dependants and associated groups. On July 28th the US Attorney General ordered the veterans removed from all federal property, the washington police met with resistance  and two veterans were killed.

President Herbert Hoover then ordered the United States Army to clear the shanty town on the Anacostia flats out. General Douglas MacArthur personally commanded a force of infantry and horse cavalry with armored support in the form of six tanks commanded by then Major George S. Patton. A young Major Dwight D. Eisenhower was currently serving as General MacArthur’s aide and was present during the operation.

The 12th infantry regiment moved in bayonets fixed following a cavalry charge and a gas attack, after the veterans fled back to their main camp across the Anacostia river, President Hoover ordered the attack halted, but General MacArthur renewed the assault moving in with armor and troops burning the veterans out of their camp at Anacostia. 55 veterans were injured and 135 others were arrested. MacArthur described the men he was attacking as a communist threat to the United States.

I don’t really have a moral to this story, it’s something you can draw and judge for yourself out there. Me personally it reminds me of one thing, the government will not take care of you, nor is it there to keep your best interests in mind. Expecting other wise is a fool’s errand.

How does this relate to our current situation? Well while guys deployed in combat might have their houses foreclosed on, or not be able to buy medicine and food for their families. Meanwhile… I guarantee you that congress isn’t missing any of their paychecks, or taking any pay cuts to help this financial crisis our country happens to be in.

Son of a bitch, another release season and yet more disappointment, I was really excited for Homefront. Really, really seriously excited. I thought it had a potential to do a lot with the concept, and to weave a really good story in to an interesting play dynamic. Instead we get a cookie cutter shooter that isn’t even that good at that, with a story that is well…. lacking in lots of things. For example the second and third act. It’s a 3-5 hour single player campaign depending on how good you are at shooters.

That’s what these people are trying to charge me $60 for? A closed world event driven story line a’la the Call of Duty school of shooters that only lasts 3 hours if you’ve bothered to pick up a shooter since the original Doom game came out? The hell are these people thinking? Yes the multiplayer is an important part of the game but even Modern Warfare 2 which was aiming right at the beating heart and wallet of the Multiplayer shooter community had the decency to give us a fairly good campaign mode first. To sum it up:

Not just with Homefront though I am, but with gaming in general, don’t be afraid of an actual story or narrative in a main stream game! Even the xbox live addicts like playing a good single player campaign, or a co-op campaign with our buddies. The power of the video game as a communications medium is it can tell stories in creative and innovative ways that other mediums simple cannot. We need to exploit this power as a community, gamers and developers alike we need to put the message in to our medium and get it out to the world.

I touched on this with my post about the game 6 Days in Fallujah ( we need to reach out and explore new frontiers and communicate new concepts, stories and experiences through game play. We as gamers must demand this change and evolution. Accepting half arsed, “just look at the multiplayer” games will not further our medium and our hobby, and for the industry, the profession and art.

I am sick to fucking death of this 2012 nonsense; seriously this garbage needs to stop yesterday. It’s even worse than the shit storm about how the Y2K bug was going to kill us all, or end modern civilization and we’d all be digging in dirt professionally for the rest of our lives.  Well…. Hey fuck that didn’t happen did it!? No shit it didn’t happen. Do you know why it got so hyped up? Because people are morons and they are proving it again with this crap belief that the universe is going to mystically end in 2012.

The Mayan Doom Calendar:

First off, how the fuck would they know the world would end millennia later? Every dumbass who’s tried to sell me on this crap immediately spews some bullshit about how “oh dude like astronomy and stuff predicts it”. No you’re talking about astrology which is bullshit pulled out of someone’s ass, where astronomy is actual science. If 2012 had real science backing its play… shit someone with a PhD and an IQ of higher than peanut butter would probably be telling me about it. Not that I doubt your degree from the Online University of the Mystic and All Seeing Eye, but pardon me for going with the guy who studied astrophysics for the last decade.

Also if the Mayans were so smart why in the hell didn’t they predict that the Spanish were coming to slaughter them all via gunfire and small pox and I don’t know…  A. Meet them at the beach with an army and slaughter them all, or B. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! Holy shit! These are the people who allegedly predicted that the world would end a millennium and a half after their culture was scoured from the face of the earth? You think they’d get the message “Bad people coming to fuck your world up, get ready to run or fight” first.

Let’s look at that calendar in the first place. Chances are it was a cyclic calendar, and that was the end of the cycle, not the end of the world, or if it was listed directly as such there’s this crazy thing called “religion” and/or “superstition” wherein people say shit that they believe in as facts. This is ok and perfectly acceptable.  This does not mean it’s going to bloody well happen. If it is fuck your 2012 I’m holding out for Ragnarok as my end of the world/universe/time. Orrrrrrrr maybe the guys running the whole calendar business didn’t get past 2012. “Hey guys we’re over a 1000 years out, let’s take a break” or maybe those pesky conquistadors from earlier killed the calendar guys before they could get past 2012. There are lots of plausible, and SANE explanations for why the Mayan calendar ends in 2012 that doesn’t involve the world turning in to a John Cusack movie.

Crazy Weather = OMFG 2012!!!?!

So apparently every natural disaster that’s happened since about Katrina on has been the results of the world getting ready to kill us all for 2012. Talk to a 2012er about it and you’ll get all sorts of bull shit about the movement of the stars and planets (astrology, again), tidal movements based on the moon (culminating in the “Supermoon” disas…. Oh wait nothing happened of March 19th). A whole list of bullshit, that if it was in a sensible format and presented by Al Gore, could probably win him another Nobel Prize in nonsense.  Not to mention science can and does explain all of it.  Like no shit we know why Hurricane Katrina was a badass Hurricane, and why storm season has been rougher. The Atlantic has warmed up by about 2 degrees on average. And the average planetary temperature has also risen by a wee dram in what actual scientists say appears to be following the natural planetary warming/cooling pattern. Shockingly that’s like giving steroids to a body builder, he’s only going to get bigger and angrier.

So…. Looks like there isn’t any mystery there, no mysterious explanation about tidal forces or some bullshit, its warmer, hurricanes hit harder. 1 + 1 = 2 for everyone but our illustrious 2012ers for whom 1 + 1 = fish.

The Earthquakes we’ve been having including Japan and Haiti.

I’m not even going to go in to this; it’s called a FAULT LINE! If you live on one earthquakes will happen to you.  This is the type of basic purposeful ignorance of reality which really makes our 2012er friends shine like diamonds.  Especially with Japan, holy shit it’s called “The Ring of Fire” it is a massive fault line filled with earthquakes and volcanoes and it’s fucking huge!

Finally the Supermoon bullshit all the 2012ers were FREAKING out about. This shit was the big deal for them. I had several of these loonies tell me “oh just wait until March 19th! Then you’ll see!” never mind the obvious creep factor of being excited for a potential natural disaster that will kill people, but holy shit this is just weird. Here I’ll let the boys at NASA explain what a Supermoon (aka a perigee moon) is in detail. in short if you don’t want to read the link, it’s one of the two close points in the moon’s orbit around the earth, still 350000+ miles away, but still pretty close. This shit has happened… three times in my life time now and nothing horrible has happened because of it. No massive storms, no natural disasters, just a really big, pretty moon that’s a good excuse to take your partner out star-gazing.

Here’s the explanation on what’s going on with the Supermoon and disasters from our friends at Wikipedia. (because I don’t feel like retyping it all)

“Richard Nolle has argued that within ±3 days of a supermoon, the Earth is more subject to natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanic activity due to the Moon’s increased gravitational force. Speculations have moved the goalposts to within 1 or 2 weeks of a supermoon to suggest a causal relationship with specific natural disasters such as the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami and the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. Such a widening of the effect window is unjustified as in both cases the Moon was farther from the Earth than average, making a supermoon effect impossible.

Some studies have reported a weak correlation between lunar activity and shallow, very low intensity earthquakes. However, no evidence has been found of any correlation with major earthquakes. The 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami is the only earthquake of 8.0 magnitude or greater to have occurred within 2 weeks of the 14 extreme supermoons from 1900 to the present date, suggesting that the claim of a supermoon effect on the incidence of large-scale earthquakes is unjustified.”


If you really wanna find Nolle’s page go ahead and get it from the wikipage, but please proceed with caution and a strong gag reflex. The man is a “professional astrologer” so obviously he’s qualified to inform you on actual science like astronomy, geology, meteorology and so forth.  He’s just that good, and he can tell you how your chances at the lotto are looking next week depending on picese’s relation to libra. Seriously why in the NINE CIRCLES OF HELL is any one listening to this guy about natural disasters, and astronomy when he’s the same dude who writes your daily horoscope? It’s like asking a hot wheels collector to do some custom work on your hot rod, sure astrology and astronomy are kinda related but there’s a huge gap between fantasy and reality.

So good job again 2012ers, your failure suits you nicely. I will cover this point on “supermoon disasters” though, if I ignore them they’ll only be brought up in the comments. 5 ships ran aground in the Soylent in the UK, again odd tide action from the close moon? This isn’t surprising, it’s call “perigee mood tides” and in the case of the navigators it’s called “a big fuck up” because they didn’t take this commonly known about and warned about tidal phenomenon in to account when they were performing their duties.

Final Line, the only issues in 2012 are going to be stupid morons who actually believe this shit rioting, looting and being morons, which is where the 12 Gauge in the title comes in, I’m ready for 2012, open season on idiots who try to fuck with me and mine, or my property.

I feel like I haven’t done a gun blog in awhile and since I’m gearing up for a 1000 + round range day in the next week so I figured a gun post would be in order. Also I saw a youtube video that made me want to weigh in on ye olde “45 vs. 9mm” debate, a debate that has, probably been going on in some form or another since man first divised different weapons.  “A proper longbow is faster, and more lethal then your moldy cross bow.” “Well how’s your silly cloth yard shaft for accurate ranged fire that can puncture full plate armor  like it was a cloth doublet.” That debate swiftely moved on to fire arms and has evolved in the modern debate of 9mm Vs. 45 ACP.


That video sums my feelings up in general but for my own opinion: I do not like the 9mm round for anything short of like a super concealed ankle gun and even then a snub nose 38. would be my preference. I feel the 9mm round is excellent in submachineguns and that it should stay there. For self defense though, you need to put rounds on target, as few rounds as possible usually and have lethal effect. Like that video says knock down power is bullshit, but big holes with some nice zip on them? That is a reality of ballistics.

Another part of the great debate is body armor for reasons unknown to me people are convinced that a 45. will not pierce body armor. There is no such thing as bullet proof when it comes to soft body armor ladies and gentlemen. The fact of the matter is even the heavy duty gear issued to Marines deploying in to combat zones can only stop so much, and even then that can be over powered. A 45 can and will open a vest and ruin the life of someone on the otherside of that kevlar, ditto a 9mm. However if you are defending yourself against someone attacking you in body armor, you are already in the shit so deep you’re in the process of running for the nearest assualt rifle so I see this as a BS non-issue.

I prefer the 45 over the 9mm because in the end I like to put bigger holes in my targets, over all in semiautomatic pistols I prefer the 40 S&W* more capacity like the 9mm but still not sacrificing much in the way of round size. Load that up with some Federal Hydrashock JHP P+s and you have all the “leave me alone” you can possibly ask for in a hand gun. None of that however is my carry. I don’t own a semiautomatic pistol I own a revolver which is a completely different barrell of fish.

I carry a 25 year old Rossi Type 38 in 38 Special. This is a copy of the old Smith and Wesson J frame and is a reliable well crafted revolver. I load up with Hydrashok +Ps for my carry ammo. Other gun folks have asked me several times if I don’t feel “undergunned” with my revolver or the smaller 38. Spl round. Me personnaly? Nope I have never felt undergunned with my 38. revolver. In the end shot placement will win the day and I’ve gotten good with this piece. Further the 38. has some good zip behind it especially at +Ps and it will certainly open up some big holes in a bad guy should I need to actively discourage someone from bothering me. the FBI, and local police forces the world round carrie d this exact kind of hand gun for many decades before semiautomatics started to become more popular and if this was good enough for many a “G man” in the era of Al Capone and Prohabition it certainly remains good enough for me to defend myself with to this day.

The end result is simple and just like the video, select the weapon that best suits you to defend yourself with. It’s not what works for the world or what the world thinks that counts when it comes to self defense it comes to what you think and what in the end works best for you. Don’t let any of these would be mall ninjas try to tell you any different.

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6 Days in Fallujah is a video game in development by Atomic studios that is rumored to have been picked up by an unknown developer. The project has been at the center of some controversy since the first run at it’s development sparked outrage that a game developer would produce a graphic and intense video game following the events of Marines during the 2nd Battle of Fallujah. Atomic had originally been contracted by the Marine Corps to develop military training aids and had been assigned Marines from 3rd Regiment, 1st Battalion (3/1). The Marines promptly deployed to Iraq and upon their return asked Atomic to develop a game that would tell their story and bring that story of one of the most vital battles in Operation Iraqi Freedom and the reality of what Marines experienced there to the general public.

The reaction was swift and strong with many sides condemning the game as dishonoring the memory of those lost in the battle and saying it was too soon for the developer to create a game based on events like that. The producer originally slated to produce the game Konami US dropped the game under pressure from all the bad press.

The line comes down to what is appropriate for the video game medium to create and communicate to the masses, the popular movie The Hurt Locker covered some extremely sensitive and fresh subjects in relation to one of the most dangerous every day jobs in the Global War on Terror and instead of being condemned for it being “too soon” it received an academy award for best picture and rave reviews. Video games have the unique ability to put us directly in a character’s shoes far more so then a book or movie ever can, so why can’t a game touch a sensitive subject like the war? Especially with Marines or other US troops on board the project giving direct input and fact checking it could provide and experience and a window in to something that most people can’t really understand, a chance to better comprehend the types of things our deployed soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen face every day. Isn’t something like that worth a little risk?

Atomic bills the game not as an FPS but as a survival horror game where like real combat your goals are more focused on surviving as well as completing mission objectives. Atomic reports that the enemy insurgents adapt an d use real tactics straight from the battle and that survival as well as mission completion is going to be an intensely challenging and harrowing experience as closely related to what the Marines of 3/1 and other units faced during Operation Phantom Fury (aka the Second Battle of Fallujah).

In the end I hope this game gets published and if it does I will definitely play it, I don’t see it as disrespectful to my fallen brothers, especially with Marines on the staff helping the devteam. For those who are offended as with every other game in existence, no one’s making you play it